Welcome to Pierre Into My Life! This blog is the perfect place to get your weekly dose of snarky pop culture, ridiculous dating stories and adventurous travels across the world. Pierre Into My Life is all through the point of view of me, Brittny Pierre (Now you get it!)

I’m your everyday woman of color who loves watching trashy tv, taking power naps, and catching flights not feelings. Then, I write all about it here.

Writing has been my ultimate passion since I was 12. Originally, I wanted to be a baseball beat writer! Not quite a sports writer, but I did become a prominent pop culture journalist.

As a New York native, I attended Rutgers University where I studied journalism & media studies and also women studies. In my expansive writing career, I’ve been published in Hello Giggles, VIBE magazine, Bustle, Complex, and The Village Voice to name a few.

My work has even gone viral! You may know me as the “Dinner Whore” who wrote “I Cruised Craigslist and OkCupid for Dates So I Could Eat” for xoJane.

In 2015 I wrote “Why Isn’t Janet Jackson in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?” for LA Weekly. Janet Jackson even shared the article on all her social media platforms. The following year, Janet Jackson was placed on the ballot for the Hall of Fame and in 2019, she was inducted-- I’m not saying my article got her on the ballot and inducted, but I’m saying I sparked the fire.

When I’m not crushing it as a writer, you can find me in my new home of Chicago, IL where I stroll through museums exhibits, attend concerts and pour my heart out into this blog.

Pierre Into My Life is a space where I could have complete control of the creative process! I love the ability to truly tell my story and share my life with you. People have always been interested in my stories. So, I wanted to give the people what they want!

Thank you for being here and going on this crazy journey called life with me. Ready to jump in to some of my crazy antics? Read all about my dating experiences through Europe, #NoSausageLeftBehind.

In 2019, Brittny was named Who’s Black in Cleveland for Pierre into My Life!

Contact me at info@pierreintomylife(dot)com