2017: The Best Year for Reality TV

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I remembered on January 20th thinking to myself; how would I be able to make it through the year after watching our country completely shift in front of my eyes. There was no escaping the sight of what was happening in the country, everyone was posting their favorite articles that voiced their opinions, every late night TV show was discussing their thoughts on it, and everyone couldn't help but discussed which side they were on in person. We were all heated up for whatever reason but sometimes it's good to have an outlet that can let your mind get away for a little. For me it has always been music and reality TV. As a reality TV connoisseur, this has been the best year for reality shows. We will never have the golden years of 90's Real World or the noughties of VH1's epic TV shows but I can happily say that reality shows stepped their game up and really provided true entertainment. Here's a list of epic reality shows that you should have checked out this year: 


Real Housewives of Atlanta

Although the recent season overall wasn't as memorable as previous seasons, the reunion made up for it. The reunion gave viewers so many twists and turns, Bravo had to share it all in a 4 part episode. We found out who was spreading the rumors about alleged date rape and it was shocking. Friendships were torn apart, people were walking off set, Kandi was crying to hold back her angry. All things I shouldn't enjoy as a decent human being, but it was truly entertaining to watch. 



Real Housewives of Dallas 

I attempted to watch Dallas when it first aired last year, but couldn't make it past two episodes. After consulting with my fellow Bravo loving friends, they insisted that I watch this season and it did not disappoint. LeeAnne is truly the gift that keeps on giving and will be put in the Bravo hall of fame, she truly delivered crazy, fun, scandalous entertainment, all the ingredients I want in a housewife. There’s a scene where LeeAnne is doped up and a hot mic caught her saying she could kill a cast member with her bare hands. I love a good messy slip up (not murder though).



Before the 90 Days

I'm late on the train of 90 Day Fiancé, but I did find time to check it out Before the 90 Days which eventually jump started my new addiction.  Every couple was a catastrophe! I can't even figure out where to start from one hot mess to the other. There's Paul and Karine, where they both have to speak to one another through a translation app. Then there was a scene where Karine was mugged with a machete while Paul was lost in the jungle....what?? Jesse, who is from Holland, a young "hunk" who fell in “love” with Darcey, a 40 something with two kids and itching for marriage. The last scene, he gets on one knee and proposes with an appreciation ring. Not sure if that's a Dutch thing but in America that means nothing. Another girl got scabies which I didn't even know still existed. 



I thought once Jersey Shore went off air and I graduated college, I had my fill of watching crazy drunks try to live in a house together. However, MTV has created the southern version of the guidos, and compiled a house full of people from Atlanta, Florida and Alabama in an area called "Floribama." There have only been 4 episodes, but I already know this is a masterpiece season. 



What have been some of your favorite shows this year?