A Photo Roundup of My October

Farewell to October.jpg

October was the month where I started getting into the groove of being employed on a daily basis. I’m still trying to figure out how I can become a socialite or a trophy wife but in the meantime, I have to become a slave to the workforce. If you have any tips or know anyone who can make this happen, please send a message to me. October was also the most I busted out my ugg boots because out of nowhere the weather dropped from the 70’s to low 30’s in a day. Where did fall go?

Here’s a very brief roundup of October

The great thing about moving to a new city is sight-seeing! I did some sight-seeing of ChinaTown. There are so many restaurants/karaoke spots I want to try out! It’s also become a to-go spot for my little niece and I to hang out! Ugh, I have so much more of Chicago to see, will I ever get to all of it? 

Chicago has their own very cool film festival which I didn’t learn about until the week of it happening. Jonah Hill, Viola Davis, Amandla Stenberg and many more were in town to present their upcoming films and give Q&As to festival-goers, and I missed it all. However, I was able to see Natalie Portman’s new movie Vox Lux which was an experience within its self. I left the theater wondering, WTF did I just watch?


Went to the Willis Tower for the first time as I attended an event where my sister was introduced as the new Chief of Schools for Learn Schools for the board members in Chicago. I supported her while she gave an inspiring presentation. But also, I got to take in a beautiful view of Chicago.

My friend, Jeanette held a “book club” which was basically a group of ladies getting drunk off wine, doing tarot card readings and painting pumpkins and it was perfect!

I voted during the mid-term election and was disappointed by Texas, Georgia, and Florida. But since I was a kid, I could not wait until I was an adult to use my right to vote so it was still an exciting experience to do it.


Beto still has my heart though.


Celebrated Halloween by working. My job threw a very successful Fall Party for the neighborhood and approx. 500 attended, and I didn’t die from anxiety, so it’s a win/win.

How was your October? And what did you dress up as for Halloween?