EVENT: Inside Banyan Tree's Holiday Collection


Holiday season is among us and if you’re in Cleveland, you’re in for a treat. Banyan Tree has just released its collection of fashionable clothes, gift ideas, and accessories.


Banyan Tree hosted a private event for a few local bloggers who got a sneak peak of all the fabulous items in the holiday collection. Owner and designer, Christie Murdock welcomed us with wine and hors d’oeuvres from Le Crackers.


While roaming around the shop I saw a few items that I absolutely need in my wardrobe. This ultra-sleek leather bag that’s hella unique. You’d never find another fashionista sporting it and plus it’s a lot bigger than it appears.

love this bag.jpg


On my to-do list is to add a fur/faux fur coat into my life. I entered the second room and immediately zombie walked to this coat. Makes me feel like a HBIC.

styling profiling.jpg

One of my favorite section of Banyan Tree is the Charm Bar where you can put together your own knick-knack for your necklace or bracelet. Since relocating, I’ve noticed ladies in the area wearing a gold charm with “CLE” written on it and I always wondered where I could get it. Well sure enough its Banyan Tree, and I might actually invest in a Cleveland esque item…. MAYBE. But they’re so beautiful! Lots of beautiful jewelry to consider buying for a loved one or yourself (because the holidays are also about treat yo self).

Christie opened Banyan Tree 16 years ago and hand picks or designs most of the items in the stores with her costumers in mind. She highly recommends the cozy soft trendy sweaters that are available because even though it’s winter, doesn't mean you have to slack on being stylish while remaining warm.

If you’re in the area, next Saturday after you’re done eating tons of Thanksgiving leftovers, with every purchase you will receive a bracelet. On December 3rd, Banyan Tree will host its 11th Annual Hot Toddy Party, which I’m definitely attending because I heard it’s a can’t miss event in Cleveland. 

Where to find Banyan Tree: 


2242 Professor Ave

Cleveland, OH 44113 

Legacy Village 

25001 Cedar Road

Lyndhurst, OH 44124 

Crocker Park 

228 Market Street 

Westlake, OH 44145