15 Things Sexier Than Blake Shelton Because WTF?

Photo Courtesy: People Magazine

Photo Courtesy: People Magazine

People magazine releases their annual Sexiest Man Alive cover and lately, People never fail to underwhelm me with their selections. I will admit, the few times I actually agreed were George Clooney during the ER days (who didn't love Doug Ross?), JFK Jr., and The Rock. Everything else has been "meh". This year's lucky guy to make all the women in the world swoon is, * drum roll * Blake Shelton. Now I will at admit, he's incredibly charming on 'The Voice' and he has a great ear for music. I will even go on record and say I thought he was hot until I found out he JUST turn 41. I always thought he was distinguish looking and up there in age with George Clooney but that is clearly not the case. He has always just looked old. No seriously! This is what he looked like in High School:


The man has a barbed wire with deer tracks tattoo-- this is just unacceptable. Haven't we been through enough this year? I decided to compile a list of things that are 10 times sexier than Blake Shelton:

1. JC's Voice in Every *NSYNC Song 

*swoon* I always loved J.C. more than Justin. 

2. Sterling K. Brown


I bet you didn't know Randell from 'This is Us' was hiding all that behind those suits.

3. Idris Elba


How has he not been named Sexiest Man Alive? I mean, we have all collectively agreed on this, right! 

4. Mozzarella Sticks 


5. Andy Cohen's Lazy Eye 


6. RHOC's Peggy's hair extensions  


7. Cary Fukunaga


Patiently waiting to be his future muse and baby mama. 

8. Ryan Gosling


He's so perfect *drools* 

9. Steve Carell 


Steve Carell is so handsome in a 'I just went through a divorce, but I didn't let myself go', kind of way.

11. Bacon, Egg, And Cheese on a Roll 


What New Yorkers eat for breakfast. 

12.  The Cleveland Browns 

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 8.51.59 PM.png

Okay, maybe not really but...let's go with it. 

13. Trent from Daria 


14. Chris Hemsworth 


I think the gif speaks for itself. 

15. Mahershala Ali 


Me too, Mahershala. Me too! 

Do you completely disagree with me? This is all for fun!

Congrats to Blake Shelton because I know this makes Gwen Stefani (my idol) very happy and giddy!