Let's Catch Up!

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Pull up a chair and let’s talk because I’ve been MIA and I’m sorry.

Last week was an awesome week! I posted my interview with the amazing LeeAnne Locken which was so much fun to conduct and read. I attended an event with my job and the Cleveland Cavaliers to serve Thanksgiving dinner to some of our amazing scholars. I got to meet a bunch of NBA stars I had no idea were even on the team (I kid).

Me with Tristan Thompson. It's very difficult to take selfies with very tall men! 

Me with Tristan Thompson. It's very difficult to take selfies with very tall men! 

I was able to spend some time with a friend who traveled from Mississippi to Cleveland, where we caught up on our lives and gossiped. We also attended Cavs game together and had so much fun at the game. Later that week, I went to another Cavs game with my sis and was finally able to cross off one thing from my bucket list…appearing on the jumbotron. Yup! I got on the big screen twice and it brought so much joy to my life for five full minutes.


During Thanksgiving break, I really didn’t do much other than lay in bed, binge watch shows (I was finally capable of completing an entire season of American Horror Story. Cult is so good!) and slept. I had no idea how sleep deprived I had been. I told myself before break that I needed to get some writing done and I didn’t do any of it. I just slept and was a lazy bum.

Since I procrastinated during my entire Thanksgiving holiday, the plan was to complete all the tasks I pushed aside…well, I got slammed at work and ended up getting sick, which meant, more work had not been completed. I’m still trying to nurse myself back to health at the moment. But I wanted to check in and say “hi” .