6 Things I Learned at the Katy Perry Show

Photo Courtesy of Katy Perry 

Photo Courtesy of Katy Perry 

The “California Gurl," Katy Perry came through Cleveland to bring us into her universe and party to all her greatest hits. Although she was more than an hour late, she made up the time with putting on an incredible show with glorious set designs and props. Those who might have walked in as a semi fan (like myself), walked away with a new respect for the KatyCat leader. Here are 6 things I learned at the Katy Perry show.

1.  We Travel Through Several Cool Stage Settings

Throughout the show, Katy created multiple looks for selected songs. She began the show with an elaborated new wave, pop art look, a giant garden where we felt like Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Pac Man video game esque, and an outer space aesthetic.

2.  We Got To Hear From Mama Perry

That’s right; Katy brought out a giant old school phone and dialed up her mother. The two discussed how the family is coping with the wildfires in her hometown of Santa Barbara (They have evacuated). Her mom told the crowd how Cleveland invented the genre title “Rock and Roll.”   

3.  “Guys From Ohio Are Great”

The “Hot N Cold” singer confessed she once dated a guy from Akron, OH. Just before she went into her song, “Thinking About You,” a male fan asked Katy out. She was flattered but also said, “I really don’t know, it’s dark in here and I can’t see what you look like.” We’re taking that as a no. Then right before she went into the song, she remembered that it’s about the Akron guy and she expressed to the crowd, “guys from Ohio are great.” (She hasn’t been on Tinder with the new batch, but I digress)

4.  It’s Time To Make A Wish

Katy asked for the audience to go wild in order to get the chance to be on stage with her. Perry, spotted a young girl all the way in the 200s section and asked her to come on down. As the girl and her family rushed through all the flight of stairs to get to the stage, the Price is Right theme song played. Katy, asked her to make a wish and she wished for “when you have your next concert, I hope the whole world comes.” Katy was taken aback as no one has ever used their one wish for her.

5. Confused Milennials and Adulting

During the wish segment, Katy asked the young lady what she’d like to be when she grows up. She admitted she’d like to become an artist. Katy was impressed that a girl who is 9 years old knew what kind of occupation she wanted already. “There are adults in college who haven’t declared their major and have no idea what they want to do.” And Katy also confessed that “adulating is so hard.” I can relate.

6.  Papa John vs Katy Perry

A lucky father was able to join the “Wide Awake” singer for a one on one game of basketball. The father who was sporting a pepperoni pizza onesie said he had no fears in beating Katy because he was in “the home of LBJ, I can do no wrong.” Katy took that as a Cleveland vs Los Angeles moment and the two went head to head. The spirit of LeBron James must have been in the building as the father was able to beat Katy in a 3-2 score. Maybe this will help us out when we play another California team later this year.