Living My Life Like it's Golden in 2018


I have never been one to make a New Year’s resolution. I’m not exactly sure why, but it’s never been my thing. Not to mention my level of commitment for an entire year is a lost cause because I can’t commit to anything for an entire year. I can barely commit to a single brand of cereal for longer than three months; do you think I can commit to staying away from junk food for 365 days? It’s just not realistic. 


My Decision 

I decided for 2018, I want to find ways to enjoy my life a little more than I already do. There are going to be things I need to work on and tweaks to make this happen. It’s kind of like a resolution, but it’s more on how to make this life more worthwhile, instead of working on one thing to improve myself. And as you can tell, it took me over a week to even start thinking about what I want to achieve for the year. I’m not good with these kinds of things. 


Below are a few ways I want to enhance my quality of life, and live out my 'Golden 2018.' 


It’s Okay to Say “No” 

Sometimes, actually always, I have trouble saying "no.". I don’t want to disappoint people and sometimes saying no is kind of scary. There's always the fear of missing out (FOMO) on a great time or opportunity or spending time with a friend you haven't seen in awhile. I would like to work more on trying to say “no” to things I’m simply not interested in doing, participating in, or agree with. At the end of the day, not doing what I want to do isn’t making me happy unless I know it’s a needed compromise.



No Fuckbois Allowed

We're are leaving fuckbois and #wastehertime2017 right where they belong, in 2017. Please leave your excuses, and your antics at the door. I’m no longer here for it, and I’m reclaiming my time in 2018. 

Reclaiming my time.gif


Reading is Fundamental 

I’m having so much trouble getting back into reading. Who has the time? I’m juggling a full-time job, Facebook groups, tons of Housewives shows to watch, when can I squeeze in time to read a book? That being said; I really miss spending time getting lost in a story. My goal is to read a damn book this year. 

The Library is open.gif


Seeking Help 

With our crazy political climate, social media, adulting etc., sometimes all of it can make you feel extremely anxious.  I am trying to get back in to working out again (the holiday ruined my routine), beginning meditation, journaling, and getting a really great therapist.  There’s a really great site where you can find yourself a black therapist in your area. Keep in mind finding a therapist is like finding your next relationship, you need to have chemistry and be comfortable enough to open up to them! 


I Am My Own Person 

I really need to stop comparing myself to others. All it has ever done for me, is made me feel like shit. I’m never going to have a body like Teyana Taylor, and I’m nowhere near where I thought I’d be at 30, but we all have our own paths. I need to remember my journey, is just that, my journey! 

You got this


What are some things you are trying to incorporate in your life to have the best year in 2018?