Fun Facts Friday


For the month of January, to celebrate my upcoming birthday, every Friday I will share a little about me for you to get to know me a little better. This year I will be turning 31, and I’m beyond excited, especially since 30 was such a great year for me. It can only get better, right? 

Here are some fun interesting facts about me.

Pic at Darwood.jpg

From 2010 - 2012 I attended numerous NYFW shows and parties. They were fun to experience but I do not miss running all around the city to catch the runway on time. 

I once got kicked out of a bar for bringing a Four Loko inside. That drink will make you do dumb shit like bringing a drink to a bar. 

I once drunkenly shaved at a local Subway shop. Don't ask. 

The coolest celebrity I've ever met has been Pharrell Williams. He's one of my dream men. 


I wrote a fabricated story how Christina Aguilera influenced my life to Oprah's producers so I could attend her NYC taping. The producers loved it so much that I got front row seats. 

My dream from 10-25 years old was to be on the Real World and I auditioned for it twice. The first time, the producers really liked me but they had just cast the next season but wanted me to be on the Bad Girls Club. I'm not about that fighting on air just for the fun of it life, so I turned it down. The second time I realized I didn't want my life on TV. 

I attended several tapings of TRL back in the 2000's. It's what every teen did after school in NYC. I saw Destiny's Child, Ben Stiller, Janet Jackson and Gwen Stefani. 


I eat like a 5 year old. Give me pizza, mozzarella sticks, and chicken fingers and I will be happy. But I am very snobby about my pizza. It took me two years to find decent pizza in Cleveland. 

Not until two years ago did I developed a bunch of allergies. I am allergic to every tree nut, peanuts, shellfish, and dust. I really miss eating peanut butter.

Next week will be the last installment!