The Royal Wedding Was Lit


I’ve been more than excited for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding for a minute now. Whenever Prince Harry started to glow up after being that weirdly ginger kid, that’s when I started lusting after him. There was a moment when my Tumblr was straight Prince Harry pics to the point my friend, Becca texted me like “wow, Prince Harry overload.” What can I say, I’m boy crazy. Then when I heard he was getting married to a Black woman, it was a wrap! I was celebrating! I was going to support! 

Meghan is like "hi, haters"

Meghan is like "hi, haters"

Here’s my rundown of the beautiful royal wedding. 


First off, my ass can never get up early for a flight or work but somehow my body was capable of waking up without a struggle at 4 am (I initially woke up at this time and realized I could get two more extra hours of sleep before missing anything) and 6 am for the wedding festivities. Amazing how your body can do that!


The fashion!

Slightly disappointed that the Sunday church hats and fascinators weren’t as flamboyant as they were at Will & Kate’s wedding.  


Oprah didn’t even know the couple but got an invite because she’s Oprah! And boy did she look amazing. 


Amal Clooney did not come here to play! She came to slay! 


Priyanka Chopra was stunting on everybody! 


Gina Torres clearly remembered at last minute she needed to wear a hat and just hit up Wal-Mart on the way there. You could have done better, sis. 


Serena!! Come Through, Queen. 22 inches 


Prince Harry's aunt, Karen, Countess Spencer, killed it with this plum ensemble.


Prince Harry’s cousin Kitty Spencer looked stunning from head to toe. 


Fergie stepped out like, surprise, bitch! 


If anyone else were there, they didn’t matter because their fashion wasn’t up to par. 


Then Meghan was on CPT and left the hotel at 11:15 instead of 11 am. Y’all, ain’t ready for a half Black princess. She rode to the chapel with her mother, and I gasped. A vision I never thought I’d see. 


Meghan entered the chapel in a beautiful satin gown with a bateau neckline, long sleeve (mandatory), a drop waist and a showstopper monarch length veil. Givenchy designed the dress.
Queen Elizabeth lent Markle Queen Mary’s filigree Tiara as a beautiful accent to the gown. 


When Prince Harry started crying, my allergies started to flare up something fierce. 


Then this moment. 


Woo! All I know is my standards have gone up in the stock market, and these single men need to step it up. I’m not walking down the aisle unless my future husband looks at me like this. And if he doesn’t, please for the love of God, can a friend speak up instead of forever holding their peace. I don’t need that type of mediocracy in my life. 


Then the Black portion of the wedding sprinkled seasoning to that bland English ceremony. 


Bishop Curry incorporated the legacy of enslaved and colonized people into the wedding ceremony. The English weren’t ready. They also didn’t know Black pastors will have you sitting there for hours with their sermons. He also emphasized how important love was. Man, I fell in love with romance at 7 am this morning! Thank you, Bishop Curry, for reminding me it’s still a beautiful thing to experience. 


Then the gospel choir brought the soul and emotions that the English are just not used to it. 


The 19-year-old cellist, Sheku Kanneh-Mason beautifully played at the ceremony and brought me to tears. 


When they announced them as husband and wife, I was like that’s my girl! Securing the bag!!! 

Congrats to you two crazy kids! I can’t wait to see the beautiful journey of your courtship unfold!