My Vacation Looks

My VacationLooks 1.jpg

Am I the only person who prepares for a month in advance of what my vacation looks will be? Probably. I had a vision of what kind of outfits I was going to wear and put together a lookbook of what I would wear each day. That idea of going into my closet and packing those outfits just sounded absurd. I purchased a few new outfits for my Jamaica getaway, and I’m letting you in on where I got some of my looks. 

Thanks to my little niece, Simone for being my photographer to share my fashion choices with you all. 


Wrap Red Polka Dress

From Asos  

Cherry Stripped Dress

From Asos

Tropical Open Shoulder Dress

From Forever 21

Gold Midi Dress

From Pretty Little Thing

Black Merci Paris Swinsuit

Kimono from Pretty Little Thing

Swimsuit From Pretty Little Thing

I'm off to New Orleans and already plotting my outfits for that trip. Can I do some repeats???