Thank You For Your Service, Cleveland! The Final Act


For so long, I felt out of place in Cleveland. I felt my style, interests, and sense of humor didn’t translate well here and I lost it in me as well. But once I exited out of my recent romantic relationship, I was able to rediscover my old self. That’s when I decided to create my blog, and slowly I started not to be afraid to wear my flashy clothes and wasn’t ashamed of my insane love for all the Real Housewives franchises. 

As a born and bred New Yorker, as much as Clevelanders believe this is a city, it never quite felt like one to me. I’m currently in my thirties and struggling to secure a job where I can utilize my skills. It has just felt stagnant for four years. Chicago seemed like a better fit for me. My then boyfriend agreed he’d relocate with me, but a few months into the decision making he decided the change of city and relationship wasn’t for him. I was devastated because I knew I could do well and he had already for a job in Illinois. Now I was back to square one. But almost a year after that breakup, my sister received a job offer in Chicago and asked if I wanted to go with her. After three years of trying to move there, God was making moves for me when I least expected it. 


Before I launched my site, I attended the first Cleveland Ladies Bloggers event, where I got the chance to meet so many bloggers in the area.  I was able to connect with the creatives that I had been longing to connect with the last three years living in Cleveland. Who knew there was such a fierce blogging scene in Cleveland, not that I thought I would be the first ever blogger in Cleveland but I wasn’t aware of the excellent writers and creatives in the area. Watching them really helped pushed me to become dedicated to writing frequently and I became friends with many of them. 

So many babies in one venue, one night. 

So many babies in one venue, one night. 

Then I was invited to a secret Facebook group and was able to meet so many cool Clevelanders who were doing some badass art, music, designing, events throughout the city. I quickly became close to several of them. Finding this base helped me to go out more, attend events, and be social with like minds like me. Because of the Facebook group, it seemed as though everywhere I went, I would see a fab girl from the group. I remember being at a bar and seeing another girl from the group and the guy I was dating finally asked, “what’s this whole ‘Babies’ thing, that always happens when we go out?” 

As I prepare to move yet again in my life, I’m sad but not quite like the sadness, I felt when I left New York. I’m sad to leave the city that I’ve become familiar with and has grown on me. I’m sad to leave so many incredible people that I have met in this city. That being said, there’s a rush of incredible inspiration and excitement in me. I'm filled with joy about my next chapter. I’m more than confident I’m going to make my dreams happen. I’m definitely going to meet my Midwest version of Mark Ronson/Pharrell Williams/Cary Fukunaga hybrid that I was searching for in New York but wasn’t ready for (I didn't even bother trying to find it in Cleveland). 

The last year was a breakthrough. It felt like the dark cloud that was hovering over me had finally dissipated, and I could be Brittny.  I was able to heal, soul search, understand who I am, and know what exactly what I’m looking for in life to make it become a reality. There’s a reason why I needed to experience all the highs and low and even live in Cleveland.

Cleveland was always meant to be a pit stop, but I’m so happy this is where I decided to hang around a little longer than expected. 

So, finally, thanks for everything, Cleveland! I'll see you soon!