10 Music Videos More Iconic Than P!nk's Entire Videography

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

Yesterday MTV announced who will receive the prestigious award during the Video Music Awards, the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. An award that is presented to artists with innovative and memorable music videos in their career. Previous recipients include, Janet Jackson, U2, David Bowie, Britney Spears, and  Kanye West to name a few.

Photo Courtesy : MTV

Photo Courtesy : MTV

This year’s Vanguard Award will be presented to P!nk. Yeah, you read that last sentence correctly. P!nk, who is amazing musician, a fantastic vocalist, and an advanced acrobat will be in the same category as Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson and Peter Gabriel. It's baffling that MTV decided to hand P!nk an award where not only to celebrate an artist for their creative visuals, but also their influence on pop culture and music. P!nk is not one of those artists. Here are 10 more memorable music videos than anything P!nk has released in her career. 

1.  Busta Rhymes | What's It Gonna Be? 

I could easily choose many of Busta’s music videos as he is one of the most criminally underrated lyricists but also visually creative, especially for hip-hop. He was putting stunning imagery in his videos that wasn't done before in hip-hop. "What's It Gonna Be?" is one of the most expensive music videos ever made, costing nearly 2 million dollars.  

2.  Missy Elliott | The Rain

Missy Elliott is another artist who deserves her respect and should be rewarded a Video Vanguard Award. There isn’t anyone who can constantly innovates different ways we view music.

3.   Foo Fighters | Learn to Fly

Earlier Foo Fighters music videos were always hysterical, odd, and fun. Even if you were not into their music, you could appreciate the effort they put behind their music videos.

4.  Gwen Stefani | What You Waiting For?

Gwen Stefani entered her solo era in a whimsical way. From writer's block to slipping into her wonderland with Vivienne Westwood gowns, Stefani proved she could be a star on her own. 

5.  Lady Gaga | Bad Romance

Sometimes there are music videos that bolster artists into super stardom, that video was “Bad Romance” for Lady Gaga.

6.  M.I.A. | Bad Girls

The Fast and the Furious: Middle East drift.

7.  OK Go | Here It Go Again

Treadmills + dancing = YouTube viral video.

8.  Daft Punk | One More Time

Daft Punk have inspired majority of today's pop music visually and musically.  

9.  Sia | Chandelier

Sia has always found beautiful ways to portray her music and Chandelier" is one of her best.

10.  Nine Inch Nails | Closer

90’s rock bands and artists provided odd, thought provoking, interesting music videos that really helped captured the MTV movement.  “Closer” pushed the envelope with a 19th century mad scientist’s laboratory that showed religion, sex, animal cruelty and politics.