See the World On A Budget

Photo Courtesy: Pexels 

Photo Courtesy: Pexels 

Traveling has always been a part of my life. Fortunately, my family has made an effort to travel (most of the time) to a new place every year together and has been our tradition since I was a little kid. As I have grown older, I have taken the time to travel without my family to see different places I’ve always wanted to see. The most common question I receive is “how can you afford it?” Yes, traveling can sometimes be very expensive and seen to many as a luxury but it doesn’t have to be that way. I am a budgetista when it comes to travel and love to find the cheapest way see a new city. I reached out to travel agent, Rebecca Mitchell, to give Pierre into My Life’s readers some tips to be able to be a global trotter on a budget.

Flexibility Is Hot

“Be willing to travel during the less busy months.  September and May are great for this because the weather is pretty similar to the summer months, but you'll find better deals.  Also, be willing to travel Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The savings on both airfare and lodging can be significant.”

 Alternative Lodging Ideas

“Luxury can wait, unless you intend to just stay and enjoy the amenities at your hotel, you don't need to stay in luxurious comfort. Try an Airbnb or a nice hotel that has free breakfast. You can visit those luxurious hotels and Snap and Instagram from the lobby or bar.  No one will ever know.”

Snack on the Go

“Snack like you're in kindergarten - instead of going out for each meal, snack as you tour around.  You'll get to sample more of the local culture this way and save money.”

Seek out a Professional Planner

“Use a travel agent - sure, you can research and do everything yourself, but why not have someone with experience take care of those details for you?  Travel agents are paid by the travel partners they represent, so it does not cost you any more to use a travel agent than it would if you book it yourself.  Plus, you'll have an expert in your corner from the planning stages through your trip.”

Use Your ‘Rents As An Excuse To Travel

“Get someone else to pay for it - no, really.  Multigenerational travel is the hottest trend in travel right now.  Encourage your parents to take that big trip they've been talking about.  They fulfill their desire for family time and you'll get a free trip, win/win.”


Rebecca Mitchell is a Travel Agent with FTM Travel and is always looking for her next adventure.  She specializes in Disney Destinations, but she can help you with any destination around the world and would love to turn your vacation dreams into your dream vacation.  You can get in touch with her via Facebook.

8 Tips to Prepare Yourself for Long Flights

Photo Courtesy: Pexels 

Photo Courtesy: Pexels 

In two short weeks, I will be heading to Europe for 14 days, and I have already begun mentally preparing myself for the 9 hour flight to Budapest. As I have gotten older, and started traveling and flying more frequently, I have learned what helps to keep anxiety down, while en route to your destination. 


1.  Facial Wipes and Baby Wipes

For most international flights, you will depart early evening and arrive to your destination in the morning. In case you’re not aware, there are no showers on the flights. I recommend packing travel size baby wipes or facial/makeup wipes, and heading to the bathroom 30 minutes before you arrival to clean your face to help take off any excess dirt your face has produced while on the flight. Once you arrive to your destination, head to the restroom and use the baby wipes to give yourself a bird bath. Hey, you do the same with babies, why can’t you do it as an adult?

2. Bring an Extra Pair a Clothes in Your Carry On.

I like to dress comfortably for long flights which normally means leggings, baggy shirt and a sweatshirt. But once I arrive to my destination (after my bird bath), I change into something more stylish.

3. Water

Keeping yourself hydrated is key. Bring an empty bottle with you to the airport and fill the bottle up at a fountain while you’re heading to your gate. It’s easy to lose water weight while on your flight, so occasionally have some water to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking/swallowing frequently can also help when your ears begin to pop!

4. Sleep Essentials

Some airlines will provide you with eye masks and a pillow, but to be on the safe side, carry an eye mask, a travel size pillow, and even ear plugs to drown out any unwanted sounds. If you’re like me, I need complete darkness and silence to get a good amount of restful sleep, and I always have the best luck when it comes to sitting next to someone who needs to keep the overhead light on for the entire flight (grr, hate those people!).

5.  Entertainment

I’m not into purchasing in flight Wi-Fi, because it’s nice to be disconnected for a few hours, but I definitely need something to occupy my time. International flights normally have a wide array of films and TV shows, but I get anxious and can never settle on what to watch. Instead, I plan ahead and make sure my iPhone has everything I need to keep me entertained. I create a playlist on Spotify with about 500 songs (enough tracks to skip through and not repeat any songs), and I download about 2-3 episodes of my favorite podcasts to listen to. 

Photo Courtesy: Pexels 

Photo Courtesy: Pexels 

6. Snacks

My favorite portion to prepare for any travel is to pick out snacks to eat on the journey. Sometimes I will purchase junk food at the local drug store the day before and pack it in my backpack, but if I slack, I will splurge and buy all the goodies at Hudson News. I also always make sure to get ginger ale just in case I get motion sickness on the flights, because my stomach never matured with my body.

7. Chargers

If you’re like any normal millennial and glued to your mobile devices, then you already know how important chargers are. Make sure to pack your charger in your carry on and also charge up your external battery as well. You can purchase a portable charger that works with any USB port on Amazon for just a few bucks. Most international flights have outlets for you to charge your phone, but again with my luck, I have definitely sat at one where my outlet didn’t work.

8. Exercise

It may sound weird, but if you’re sitting in one spot for 8+ hours, it’s a good idea to get up periodically to keep your blood flowing. Every few hours get up and walk the aisle, go to the back of the plane and flex your legs. Personally I like to do squats and stretch my legs. Flight attendants have probably seen way worse, so no need to be bashful, get that blood flowing!