Pierre into My Travels: London Calling!

Big Ben Double Decker Bus London Travel Postcard-2.jpg

When your sister asks, “hey, want to go to London?” First, make sure she’s not pranking you, and when you’re sure of that, you immediately say yes! My sister had to attend a conference in London, UK in the middle of November and invited the family to tag along with her and we gladly joined. I hadn’t been to London since I was 13. All I remember from that specific trip is it was my first time I went to a nightclub, and later in that trip, I almost was exchanged for an oriental rug in Morocco. That story is for another time because I’m still recovering from that experience.

Let’s take a look back at our London experience.

We touched down to London and immediately were on the good! We all met up (we all came on different flights except little Simone and me) After we had an English breakfast we went to London Tower and got to see where King Henry liked to tortured people and the Crown Jewels.

The next day we went to Windsor Castle where the Queen stays during the weekend and where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle held their wedding.

Luckily for us, we visited at the right time. Meghan’s wedding dress was on display for a special limited time. We were not allowed to take pictures inside Windsor castle, but just between us girls, it’s kind of a bore in person. I’m not saying this because I know my dress would have been breathtaking if I were in her place, it just was fabric. The veil was beautiful! (However, Steph Shepard snuck of photo for us.)

Then we had a road trip to Salisbury to check out the Stonehedge. Many people felt the energy of the stones, but we were so freezing that we just took our pics and quickly went to the bus. I guess I missed a moment to connect with nature.

Our day wasn’t over, we went to Oxford and visited the prestigious University and city.

Every European country I visit, I must try McDonald’s…Not sure when this tradition started, but I can’t stop now. London’s McDonald’s is crap but not as terrible as Prague as it remains in the last place.

A must shopping stop is Harold’s. Harold’s and most of London have its Christmas decorations up, and it reminds me of Macy’s iconic window display. Harold’s is still a breathtaking store to visit. I could smell the wealth and felt like a peasant for walking through and being too broke to afford anything.

Even their food court is fancy. Have you seen a mini food market this beautiful?

I took a solo visit to Kensington Palace where they currently have a Princess Diana’s fashion throughout her years as a royal as a special exhibit. What I’ve learned, there is never be another Diana! No matter how much we push Kate and Meghan to be her. She was one of a kind.

Kensington Palace also had an exhibit dedicated to Queen Victoria.

This is where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement!


My sister is a Harry Potter nerd so we could not leave London without going to some train station that’s mentioned in the book. I have never read or watched the movie, so I can’t explain this any further. If you know what this about, please leave a comment explaining.

Went to Piccadilly Station which is London’s version of Times Square.

Then we stumbled across a Christmas market which got me all in my Christmas feels!

And Chinatown!

Here’s my family together throughout London!