#SummerofBrittny | July Roundup

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In June's roundup I explained how and why I decided to declare this summer as the #SummeofBrittny. Here are some of my favorite moments throughout the month of July! 

Bienvenidos a Miami

After weeks of just Netflix and Chill at the end of June, I decided on a whim to visit my friend Natalia in Miami for the forth of July weekend and it was the best decision ever.

The food. The weather. The company! All worth it. 


Art Wonderland 

Natalia took me to Wynwood, the art district in Miami. Everywhere you looked was covered in beautiful artwork. 


Trap Karaoke 

"TRAP Karaoke is like going to church…but instead of 'Amazing Grace,' you’re singing ‘Back That Azz Up.'" - anonymous. There is no other way to describe the experience of Trap Karaoke. My girlfriends and I watched several Clevelanders get on stage and rap like they were 2 Chainz and we had the time of our lives. 

Trap Karaoke.jpg

Girls Trip

You couldn't go through the month of July and not gather your girl squad to see the hilarious film Girl Trip. We laughed until we cried, we swooned over Malik, and cried over Ryan's keynote speech. Truly a special moment with your girlfriends. 

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