Vision Board Party


Revolutions are out! Vision boards are in!

To kick off 2019, my friend Jeanette gather some ladies and lads together to create a vision board to help us with what we want to come to light in 2019.


I create a vision board about a year or so ago but lost it. I’m not sure if I have damaged my visions from implementing because I literally lost sight of my board. The only thing I remember from the board was I posted the name ‘Chicago’ on there, so at least I was able to make one of my visions happen.

My vision board this time is big enough that I will not be able to lose. I mapped out important things I need in my life right now like a salary, specifically $62,500. I’m not into being poor for 2019, and I like getting big checks. To continue to travel, being weird, follow my passion and (maybe) find love?! (ugh, I don’t even know if I want that in my life these days). Among many other things. I am praying so hard I can make these things come true this year.

Have you ever made a vision board? Did you see things on your board manifest? Let me know!