5 People Who Should Host the Oscars


Yesterday was quite the whirlwind for Kevin Hart. The Academy announced Hart as the host of the 2019 ceremony and in the span of 12 hours, Kevin stepped down from the job. After old insensitive tweets resurfaced and Hart deciding not to apologize for his homophobic comments, he decided to no longer host.

Now, who will host the sometimes entertaining yet always running way too long award ceremony? Here are 5 suggestions of who should take over the hosting gig!

Will Smith


He's not only an Academy Award-nominated actor but incredibly entertaining with great comedic timing. Earlier this year Smith performed his first stand up routine. Plus his Instagram is the best thing to happen to 2018.



The Philadelphia Flyers mascot broke the internet when he was revealed to the world this summer. He got style and clearly doesn't take himself too seriously. I think he would be quite interesting to watch.

Maya Rudolph


She's one of the most memorable SNL alums in most recent years and last year, who could forget her hilarious skit with Tiffany Haddish at the Oscars. We all asked for it, now give what the people want. Plus aren't we tired of always relying on men to take over hosting?

Tiffany Haddish


As mentioned above, she was fantastic with Maya presenting last year and she's Hollywood's "It" girl. I'm also imaging how incredible uncomfortable she will make handsome male actors in the audience with her flirting.

Michelle Wolf


Michelle Wolf’s White House Corresponding hosting put her on the map and clearly she can take over difficult crowds and turn it into something amazing. She has great timing, she's clearly perfect at hosting big events and Netflix prematurely canceled her talk show. #JusticeForMichelleWolf

Who do you think should take over Kevin Hart’s job?