I Had Disco Fever to Celebrate My Birthday


After 30, I thought life was all downhill from there, at least that’s what everyone kept telling me leading up to the big 3-0. However, I really loved being 30 and wouldn’t want to relive my 20’s, even though my 20’s were pretty legendary. The thought of planning a celebration after turning 30 seemed so daunting and mundane.

Outfit of the night.jpg

I went into January believing I would spend my birthday at home, binge eating junk food, and watching Netflix (which is basically what I have been doing since Thanksgiving.) However, my friend, Jackie and I stumbled across a dance party that was right up our alley, Disco Paradisco. We are huge fans of all things 70’s and disco, and we would have attended this even if my birthday wasn’t near the event. We got our dancing crew together to dance the night away and celebrate my birthday.


It was my first time going to this local bar/venue, Now That’s Class. Unfortunately, it wasn’t our idea of 70’s disco, but we still enjoyed the unground house music. After about 2 hours there, we decided to bar hop and attend Touch Supper Club’s I Got 5 On It, monthly party. It was the perfect way to end the evening. The DJ played a bunch of old school R&B and hip-hop and we mostly sang at the top of lungs and closely danced to one another, as it was packed even though it was close to 2 am. That’s how you know the DJ is good.  

It was a great evening with some of my faves and lots of dancing!

The boys.jpg

Cheers to a new year of adventures!