Birthday Slayage Throughout the Years

Birthday Slayage Through the Years-2.jpg

Birthdays have always been a big thing for me. Growing up my mom would always throw big parties to help celebrate my birthday along with my grandfather (who I shared a birthday with). It was something my friends and family looked forward to because it was always a big bash at our house. As I grew older, I never did the big party, but I always just wanted to go out with close friends and dance the night away. The one major factor that keeps me up at night is what I’m going to wear for my birthday. Since I’ve moved to Cleveland, I’ve put less effort into my look, but back in the day, I gave looks! This year, I have the wheels turning on the kind of look I want to go for. 

Let’s go back through the years and check out some of my favorite birthday looks.  

My friend Jon and I went to Atlantic City to celebrate my day. I wanted to have a 30's getup with a modern twist. if you've ever been to Atlantic City...I definitely stood out like a sore thumb. 


Celebrated at the Highline Ballroom when Kid Capri held a big bash. I decided to create an outfit around a wig I purchased. I borrowed a dress from a friend with fringes to complete the vision I thought looked best with the wig. 


All my friends were finally 21  when I turned 22, which meant I could finally celebrate at a bar with them. In 2008, we went to some bar in Hoboken, NJ. I love plaid because it always reminds me of one of my favorite designers, Vivienne Westwood and I found this dress at Forever 21. It was the perfect party dress (because it definitely wasn't a frat house dress). Plus, the blue booties really completed the look. 


Attended a 90's night at Union Hall in Brooklyn and thought a faux leather shorts and a KISS shirt was 90's...I look backhand realized, it might have been more 80's than 90's. 


Back in 2001, Britney Spears wore this gorgeous black lace dress to the VMAs that I have always been obsessed with. I found a little black lace dress that looked similar to her outfit. I'm still sad I can no longer wear this dress and I refuse to give it up. 


Another year at Union Hall and I wanted to be fabulous yet casual look. I found a sweater dress with embroidery on the shoulders along with shoulder pads (why won't mini shoulder pads make a comeback???) and paired it with leggings and chucks. Comfy yet classy for a night of karaoke.


This year my inspiration for my birthday look is Donna Summer and Bianca Jagger. Think anything one would wear at Studio 54! 

Studio 54.jpg

Hoping I can execute the look! But most of all, I just want a blessed new year of life.