A Weekend in Detroit


I’ve been obsessed with Viceland’s late-night hosts Desus and Mero for a while. In fact, I’ve been following Desus on Twitter for as long as I’ve had my account and watched him and Mero’s rise to fame. I love them so much that I try and convince all my friends to join the Bodega Hive (as their fans like to call themselves). Before the conversion, I had 4 other friends who followed them, and now I have at least 24 friends who follow their Facebook account. The brand is strong!  With everything that’s going on in this country, it’s great to watch their show and hear their hilarious commentary on current events. It keeps me informed but also doesn’t give me insane anxiety like news channels. Plus they’re from The Bronx so listening to them feels like home, and then I get homesick when they joke about MTA rats. Who knew I’d miss the unreliable MTA and NYC’s ginormous rats? 

When they announced they were going on tour, I knew not to get excited. All these podcasters go on tour and never stop in Cleveland. Randomly, my friend Mallory and I were chatting and discovered we’re both in love with Desus and Mero. WIN! After a night of completing a bottle of wine together, we decided we were going to Detroit to see them live and stay at a hostel. Now, I’m bougie AF, and I’m not about that hostel life so you know I was drunk to be able to agree to that type of lodging. 

Two weekends ago, we road tripped to Detroit which is only 3 hours away from Cleveland. We listened to Desus and Mero’s podcast The Bodega Boys and The Read. We arrived at the hostel, it was in the middle of Detroit, with a lot of abandon buildings so already I’m like, the "fuck did I get myself into." But the hostel was cute, except for when we walked into our rooms (which had bunk beds) and I noticed the nicely folded bed sheets and comforters and said aloud “we have to make up our own beds?” 

Before the show, we had dinner at Chartreuse Kitchen and Cocktails. OH EM GEE was it amazing. Look at this menu! We had Bread n Butter, Michigan Asparagus,  I had the Twice Cooked Egg, and Mallory had the Mushroom Confit. Our drinks were banging (I just had a regular whiskey and ginger ale, and they made it fancy and delicious than any bar has even made it).  I was in food heaven. 

The show was at the historic Detroit Masonic Temple Theater. About 30 minutes after we arrived, the boys came out and talked about random stuff. Mero was drinking out of a bottle of Hennessey and Desus was standing to the side trying to understand all the madness that was going on. Of course, the Detroit haters were booing them when they brought up the Yankees, but I sat there with pride. (Y’all hate cause y’all can’t be like us.)  It was a hot mess, but I loved seeing them live. The AKAs was fun to watch live as well. 
Out of a twist in fate, a fellow Cleveland blogger was also attending the show, Abra of She Said Celebrate and her boyfriend were sitting right behind us. We went to this dive bar called The Temple afterward. Then to Nancy Whiskey which had a great live cover band and everyone was drunk and friendly.

IMG_2021 2.jpg

The next morning, after being hungover, we had brunch on Mother’s Day at The Grey Ghost. Guys! I’ve never had such a fantastic brunch quite like that before. It was a three-course meal, with biscuit and an apple tart pastry for starters, I had pancake with cream cheese and bacon bits, and sausage and potatoes. Ugh! To DIE FOR!! I wish I had savored the moment a little more than I did. 

Overall we had a great time in Detroit. The weather was awful so that I couldn’t take beautiful pictures of the city, but I’m hoping to return and try out more restaurants. 

I'm throuoghly impressed by Detroit's food scene, who knew?