This Is All Winter's Fault


I try and go to the gym as much as I can (which isn’t a lot, to begin with) and have a personal trainer, but I am nowhere near my goal weight. In fact, I think I gained weight instead of losing it. I also don’t have an actual number of my goal weight, but I know what I want to look like. As much as I hate all things Kardashian/Jenner, I wanna have a body like Kylie Jenner. I know it's store bought but...let me live. 

A few weeks ago, I was frustrated because I realized my body was out of shape and I look nowhere near the beach bod I should have considering I’m going away in another week.


I look back and realized there were a lot of days I skipped the gym. I definitely ate way too much McDonald’s and went out to eat a lot. I would love to blame it on someone else, but these were, in fact, my fault. That being said, I can blame it on something…WINTER. 


I gained all this weight and lack of gym visits because winter overstayed its welcome. It was snowing up until late April. No, ma’am. That is unacceptable. It didn’t even get warm until mid-May. It feels like it should be April instead of the end of May.

I had to hibernate way longer than I would normally. Cold weather, snow, freezing rain are weather conditions I do not enjoy. It all makes me want to stay instead and be a blob. And order food. Honestly, the worst thing to happen to me is Uber Eats and McDonald’s being on there. I cannot turn down the idea of having McDonald’s. As many times I deleted the app, I went right back to it. It’s a bad addiction I need to get rid of it. 


Now I gotta go to the gym EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. I’m going to die with that thought of having to enter the gym 5 days a week. I have to cut out terrible food and eat more lean food. I wanna eat mozzarella sticks and French fries. Why can’t my body allow me to be great? 

I have one more week until my summer vacation, and my trainer believes I can drop some LBS during that time. I don't think it's possible. Well maybe my body will be fit by the time I go on my next vacation in July. Until then, Jamaica just has to accept whatever body I have.