LeBron Really Knows How to Rile Them Up


LeBron James is at the place in his career that he’s so successful, white people want him to act a certain way. And when he doesn’t behave the way they want him to, they react by getting in their white feelings. Case in point: 

Last week, LeBron took to Instagram to show love and celebrating black women. THE HORROR! 

In two posts, Lebron shared a gallery of magazine covers of black women on the cover. The photos included Beyoncé’s recent Vogue cover, as well as Rihanna on British Vogue, Lupita Nyong’o on Porter, Zendaya on Marie Claire, Tiffany Haddish on Glamour, and the ladies of Pose on Out magazine.

The caption read,

“Nothing in this world is more POWERFUL than Colored Women!! Thank you all for continuing to not settle and setting great examples in life for so many looking up to you for inspiration/guidance and love!! My daughter is watching! #WomenPower”

Okay, I’ma skim over the fact he used the term “colored women” because this is not the time to nitpick on James. 

But it’s astonishing to see 11 covers featuring Black Women for many high profiled magazines for its September issue. It’s also beautiful to see James show love to the Out magazine cover that shows three brown trans women on the cover. For an NBA star to acknowledge the trans community is beautiful. 

As a girl who loved reading magazines growing up and understood the importance of the September issue when I started working in fashion, I never imagined seeing multiple magazines embracing women who looked like me. So, if you didn’t know, it’s a huge deal! 

Of course, when blacks take time to celebrate each other, the colonizers get in their feelings and start typing furiously in the comment sections. 
Thanks to The Shade Room for compiling some of the comments, so you don’t have to find them: 

MikeyRayeJr: "Why is it about colored women!!? Please someone tell me how colored women are any better than white women? All women who set good examples aand are good parents are GREAT people and GREAT women. Singling out color to make them better as aposed [sic] to non colored women is a sham. You say colored women are POWERFUL but then use a hastag of women power. Your not advertising women power by talking about 1 race of women. Fix these movements [sic]. "

Waltermoreano: "I would say ALL women not just colored women." 

Chavinci: "Why are colored women more powerful than non colored women? You’re my favorite player but I don’t know about that statement. We are all equal."

Ed_Kenwayy: "Why do you have to mention “colored women”? That’s racist to us white people."

Prozac4312: "wonder what would happened if a white athlete posted something like this about white women? #equality" 


Whew chile, the ghetto! 


I’m amazed by so many white people seeking equality over a damn Instagram caption but remain silent when black men and women are dying at the hands of the cops. Or can’t peacefully protest by kneeling during the national anthem seeking justice. 

The funny thing is, we praise white women on magazine covers ALL the time. The only reason we are celebrating is that the ONE time it’s not always a parade for white women, it’s finally OUR moment. It’s okay for us to celebrate this time and our shine. White people need to understand that they always have their time to shine, which is why we take time out of our day when we see our people winning. 


But I’m not here to educate. Just want to bask in this glorious moment in peace.