Not Sure What We Did in Life to Deserve Such Messy Celebrity Engagements This Summer


Canadian pop singer, Justin Bieber is a semi taken man and I’m sure all the Belibers are all ugly crying that their fallen solider is now engaged. 


Over the weekend, news broke that Justin Bieber proposed to girlfriend of only A MONTH, Hailey Baldwin (daughter of Stephen Baldwin). I guess when you see Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson getting so much coverage and new Internet terms created based around their relationship, (BDE is now a thing, Urban Dictionary it) you got to get reckless with your romantic life as well. 



Despite the two have only been dating for a month, they have a long history together. If you are not current with Justin’s love life, let me give you a cliff note version. 


Hailey and Justin met when she was 13/14 after she attended the premiere of his film Never Say Never back in 2011. Then he invited her to his church, Hillsong which is basically the Scientology/Kabbalah for strung out pop stars, aka Bieber. But I must back it up a little, back in 2010, Justin began dating Selena Gomez. They were the Justin and Britney for the less fortunate young pop fans of its time. However, their relationship has always been rocky, since 2010. They have been that couple who tells their friends, “I mean it this time, it’s over,” after they deleted all their pics from Instagram. Then two months later you see them liking each other’s pics again and the vicious cycle continues. By 2014, Hailey officially became Justin’s backup plan whenever he and Selena didn’t work out. By 2016, we thought just maybe the two were really done with one another, Selena moved on to the Weeknd, Justin was dating Sofia Richie and Hailey Baldwin but sometimes you can’t get rid of that old itch and by the end of the year, Jelena were back together and going to church services and Hailey was left on read.  Jelena’s union is so stressful, led Selena’s mother to enter voluntary treatment



But by March 2018 they decided to “take a break.” Well, their break might be permanent (for now). Early last month, Justin was back with Hailey canoodling in Brooklyn and then he popped the question while they were vacationing in the Bahamas. 


Let's see who makes it to the alter first, Ariana & Pete or Justin & Hailey or none of the above.