5 Things I Learned at the On the Run II Tour


Beyonce and Jay Z embarked their second On the Run II tour after release a join album, EVERYTHING IS LOVE. The two brought their electrifying and afro-centric tour to Chicago where they performed in front of a sold out two night at Soldier Field. I attended their first show and here are some thoughts I left with. 

1.    The work, Beyoncé, Jay Z and whoever is their creative director put in towards the tour including mixing the right songs from both of their catalog to their miniature movie (which I would totally watch if it were released), to the stage production; On the Run II was more than a concert, it was musical production experience. 
2.    When Jay Z performed “99 Problems,” he showed several celebrity mug shots including himself, Jane Fonda and Martin Luther King Jr. But what took me by surprise were the ones I didn’t know had been arrested before like John Mayer and Nicki Minaj. Thanks, Hov for outing everyone’s mug shot. I wish he had used Paris Hilton, Bruno Mars, and Jennifer Lopez. 
3.    Beyoncé is goofy AF. Ever since Beyoncé left Destiny’s Child and went solo, she went through extensive media training, and we never saw Bey’s personality ever again. During little parts when Jay Z was performing, Yoncé would find herself having fun and goofing around. It was a nice change to see a little personality from Bey when she wasn’t killing it with her dance moves. 
4.    Through all their ups and downs, which they allowed us on their journey with their trilogy of Lemonade, 4:44, and EVERYTHING IS LOVE Jay and Bey seem to be at a place where they are a new plateau of love. Perhaps they were acting, but I enjoyed watching them seem crazy in love with one another. 
5.    Beyoncé is human. Several times during the show I saw Beyoncé wipe the sweat off her face which I didn’t know happened. I thought she was not normal and didn’t produce sweat and just always looked “***Flawless” at all times. I mean she still looked great even when she was sweating.