A Look Back at August

Turquoise Watermelon Summer Desktop Wallpaper-2.jpg

I finally settled down in my new city, Chicago. I started temping at Pandora Radio, began making friends, learning all the different neighborhoods, and even dating a little. Let’s look back at what I got into in August. 

I Started a Podcast 


Along with a fellow Cleveland Blogger + Event Planner, Abra Said, we both quit our jobs and created a podcast. Le Broque (Broke + Bougie) Queens is the title of our show, and it’s about two millennial ladies trying to navigate their lives through career, friendships, and romantic life all while talking shit to one another. It’s not a bad podcast, check it out. It’s on iTunes and Google Play

I Cooked

Sometimes when my chakras align, I can throw down in the kitchen, but it doesn’t often happen, so it needs to be documented. I prepared dinner three nights in one week. 




I went to see Beyoncé and her husband at Solider Field. It was so unapologetically Black and fabulous. It was my third time seeing both and it was definitely one for the books. 


Failed at Escaping


Tagged along to an escape room challenge with my friend Jana and her friends. We had 60 minutes to crack the codes and escape…we took 56 mins to get out of ONE room. So yeah…we didn’t succeed. 


What Is Freedom? 


I attended the SuiteHeart Sister Circle event where we discussed how we experience freedom. It was great to meet other Black women who are all trying to find ways to achieve their own type of freedom, and it was inspiring. 




The fam and I checked out one of Chicago’s beach, and surprisingly, it was a pretty beach. The water was a little cold but still beautiful water and an excellent location to see the beautiful skyline. As a New Yorker where all our beaches are gross and a little scary to swim in, it was a pleasant surprise. 


Reunited and It Feels So Good


To exit out of August, my best friend came to town to attend a wedding and took time away from her family to see me. We had dinner catching up on lost time, got stranded in a donut shop due to rain and then had drinks to make up for being stuck in a donut shop for a 1 hour 1/2. 


I'm so sad to see summer go! I hope everyone had a great summer. Any great moments you'd like to share?