#SummerOfBrittny | June Roundup

New and Improved .jpg

Earlier this year I went through a rough breakup and after months of grieving, I decided it was time to get over the dude and focus on me, myself, and I. I created the hashtag #SummerOfBrittny to be the personification of living my best life. I was going to do whatever I want, when I want, and how I want. I was going to learn to stand up for myself, build up my confidence and try to take in life as much as possible and it has become one of my favorite summers ever.  

Since #SummerOfBrittny was such a success, I decided to share some of my favorite moments throughout each month, starting with June!

Foster the People

I jump started #SummerOfBrittny taking in a live show of one of my favorite bands, Foster the People with my close friend Jackie. Foster the People headlined at the legendary Agora Theatre and Ballroom venue in Cleveland, OH. This was my second time seeing them, I saw them back in 2011 but they continue to put on an amazingly fun show that had us dancing the entire night. Plus they perform tracks from their new album 'Sacred Hearts Club' which made me immediately love the album before ending hearing it in its entirety.

Foster the People

The Annual Pierre Vacation

Every year my family gets together and travels to somewhere we have never been before (for the most part). This year our destination was Málaga, Spain and the Canary Islands.



Our favorite restaurant in Málaga, Spain was the Copacabana. They had fresh fish that was absolutely mouth watering and our server was super handsome and so sweet. Nothing better than good food and nice eye candy.


Wine in the clouds

Wake Up and Wine Up

My mom and I decided to take the day tour to a winery in the Canary Islands. We visited Viñedos Angola in Vilaflor in Santa Cruz Tenerife. The winery was so high in the mountains we were above the clouds. We arrived to the vineyard at 10 am and immediately they pour us glasses of wine. I hadn’t even had breakfast yet. During the tour we were instruction on the proper way to produce the finest wine. One important thing is the Spaniards are very heavy handed when it comes to giving us samples of each wine (which was around 10 bottles of wine). We were also treated to moonshine that was 68% proof and tasted like nail polish remover. Yuck! But overall an amazing experience with delicious wine. 

Mummy and Me


Summer Lovin'

Matt the Masseuse

I met a very hot man on this very exclusive dating app called Tinder. He was about 41 years old, super handsome like drop dead gorgeous and Australian. Only I could go all the way to Spain and not hook up with a Spaniard. Brittny got her groove back!

Touch the Sky

My sister, niece and I climbed the Volcano Teide, where we were 12,000 ft high. 


Non-Stop Sight Seeing

My family can’t go anywhere without taking a day tour. We spent 12 hours touring the entire island of the Canary Island.

Hot Bod

Since moving to Cleveland, I gained 40 lbs. Once my family decided where our vacation spot would be, I was determined to get a thot body. After a few months of personal training sessions, Zumba and strength training classes, I finally started to really love my body and curves. Close enough for me to be a z list Instagram model right?…kind of.

Summa bod

Oh, Canada!

The family decided to make a pit stop in Canada before heading back to America. We visited Niagara Falls and rode the Maid of the Mist to see the beautiful falls close up. 

After loads of traveling all over the place, I took the rest of the month of June binge watching Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why, and Difficult People. There are no photo evidence of that.


After getting my groove back during my vacation with the hot masseuse, Tupac’s “I Get Around” was my anthem to keep me feeling myself. Stay tune for July's roundup!