Rejection is the Worst, or Is It?

Rejection sucks.jpg

Whether you receive it from a crush you were hoping to get a date with or the job you had been setting your sights on working for; rejection doesn’t feel great. 

I hate rejection. 

And guess what? I picked a professional where I deal with rejection all the time. You would think after experiencing lots of rejection over the course of six years, it would get easier but NOPE. It might be worse. 

You’re probably wondering what exactly do I do to get rejected all the time. 

Well, I’m a published writer and to get published with different publications I have to pitch story ideas to editors. 

I either get radio silence which is the editors’ version of ghosting, or I get an email like “this is a great idea, but I think I am going to pass on it.” I can’t beat myself too much (I have to remind myself) because I’ve been published with many respectable outlets. I’ve been able to conduct interviews with many people I admire and had several pieces go viral. It’s every modern writer's hopes for, and I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had over the years. 

I took a break from writing after I left being a News Reporter for Complex. It was hard juggling a fulltime job while writing breaking news pieces all at the same. I almost questioned if I even enjoy writing anymore or good at it. 

Now I’ve started getting inspired again and have been pitching for a few months now. Most logical people would pitch to local publications, but I enjoy causing havoc to my life. After getting another rejection email, I reached out to a friend and broke down. I was ready to give it all up. 

Crystal: How many rejections have you received? 
Me: About 5-6
Crystal: Girl, that’s nothing. You’re a great writer, but this is part of the process. It will happen. 

There was more self-deprecating and more encouragement that went on with our conversation, but I’ll spare you. She was right, and she also told me I should celebrate the rejections I receive because great outlets have rejected me. 

Now I get excited whenever I get one of those painful emails (but not too excited) and add to the list of names where I’ve been turned away. 

Side note, the next day I pitched an idea and got the story accepted by one of my favorite music sites. 1 out of 10 isn’t so bad. 

So here is the impressive list of rejection so far:
Vogue (The editor considered the story and asked me to do more research but decided to pass on it. However, she told me to pitch more ideas similar to what I sent her) 
New York Magazine (Editor considered it and asked me to write an outline. She loved the idea but didn’t think it was a good fit) 
Teen Vogue
Bustle (they want me to pitch more ideas, and even gave me tips on topics they are writing about soon) 
Refinery29 (She had accepted 3 pitches that were similar to mine, so she had to pass but encourage to pitch to her again) 
Bitch Media (loved the idea but couldn’t write on the topic after they’ve reached their quota on it) 
Entertainment Weekly (rejected twice, encouraged to pitch more ideas) 
Rolling Stone Magazine (gave me suggestions on what they are looking for to pitch in the future because she thought I was in the right direction) 
Not too shabby, right? 

Spotify They've received over 10,000 submissions for their podcast retreat but only accepted 20 applicants. 


Here’s to more rejections and hoping a little more acceptance. I have goals to get published in Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, and Rolling Stone, so I’m close yet not that far. 

I can make it happen! 

How do you deal with rejection?