They Still Make Men Like DJ Khaled?


For some strange reason, an old interview of DJ Khaled on the Breakfast Club from 2015 resurfaced on Twitter and it gave us an inside look into the DJ’s sex life, something we all didn’t expect to revisit on Friday morning. DJ Khaled explained his ideologies on what rules men and women play when it comes to sexual pleasures.

If you have no idea who DJ Khaled is, fear no more. He gained fame by his Snapchats of daily motivations of simply saying "major key moment" and "we da best." He's also a music producer and DJ, some of his biggest hits are, "All I Do Is Win," and "Wild Thoughts." 

In the interview, his revealed that the women’s job is to “praise the man--the king.”

“If you holding it down for your woman, I feel like the woman should praise,” he said.

Later on, he further explained his idea by posing questions, “’how was dinner? ‘you like the house you living in?’ ‘You like all them clothes you getting?’”

When asked if he performs oral sex on his wife, Nicole Tuck, he said, “never.”

blinking meme.gif.gif

How does this man who eats everything, yet doesn’t eat the one thing that doesn’t cause high blood pressure?

I’m not trying to body shame, but how do they still make men who believe a woman’s role is to please the man while he provides the wealth? A big house is nice but an amazing orgasm from oral is even better. The thought of sleeping with a guy who would never go down on a woman makes me shiver. Like, how do you still exist? And women willingly sleep with you? I can't relate.

We should really pour one out for his wife’s sex life. I mean, do we even think DJ Khaled is even that great in bed, to begin with?


Over the weekend The Rock shared his thoughts on DJ Khaled’s sex life.  


The Rock isn't physically my type of guy but I like him! 

Oh and here's a name you haven't heard in a long time. 

To all the men reading, don't be like DJ Khaled, be like The Rock!