Thank You For Your Service, Cleveland! Part 3


Making friends as an adult is hard, but making friends in Cleveland as a transplant is damn near impossible. 

The thing is Cleveland is a city where people are born and raised, they may leave for college, but they boomerang right back. Which means, everyone has their group of friends for at least two decades or more. And you may get to hang out with them as an outsider, but they’ve established their core group already and don’t necessarily feel the need to develop new friendships. Rightly so. But as an outsider that makes things difficult for you. 

Summer of 2016 was where I sense my loneliness the most. I had been in Cleveland for a few years now but spent most of my days at my then boyfriend’s apartment alone while re-watching old Housewives episodes because it gave me a sense of happiness. Drinking lots of Whispering Angel and listening to the podcast Bitch Sesh. 

But I swear, my years in Cleveland wasn’t all that depressing, in fact, I met some great people. I don't know how I was able to wiggle my way into some hardcore Clevelanders' lives, but I foun a way. Here are some people I’m thankful I met those years before I started my blog. 

Thanks for being my first friend in Cleveland. You’d play a song at work, and we’d dance our hearts away. The dance parties were always memorable. You were always there when I needed you the most. It’s going to be hard to leave you. 


Thanks for always checking me when I was slacking and pushing me to make things possible. For all our chats about leaving Cleveland, our love for New York, our dreams and grad school. The last year has been empty with you away, but now we’ll be close again both being in the same state again. 


I think our mutual aspiration for leaving Cleveland really shaped our friendship. You were always down for a concert and chats over whiskey! You’re my main girl in Cleveland. 


Sometimes it was really nice to have someone who understood just how crazy people were at CMSD. Spent so many days discussing how we were going to make our dreams into something…I think we can make them come true. 


Thanks for befriending me and always inviting me to your parties. And for being down for wine and binge watching a TV show. And Bauer *heart eyes emoji* 


Sarah & Chris
You guys were my foundation when it felt like everything hit the fan. That support meant a lot to me. Thanks for always being down for a movie, concert, Broadway show, etc. 



Finding a friendship through all the craziness at CMSD was a treat. I think our lunches of venting and thinking about life helped us not go insane at work. And I introduced you to Pho!


You are the definition of "fired up" and I love your conviction. Thanks for pushing me to make Pierre into My Life!  


Curtis + Joe
Our Think Tanks will never be the same now that the band has broken up. 


And to anyone else who was along for the journey, thanks for being apart of this chapter.