Visual Round up of December

Decemeber Round Up-2.jpg

Whoa! I’m hella behind on my monthly roundup for December. It’s already February and this post has been in the draft box getting pushed back. But it’s finally here!! A look back at my fabulous wintery December.

My sister Michelle, niece Simone and I went to the Winterfest at Navy Pier and it was way more fun that I had anticipated. I got to slide down giant slides, ride bumper cars, get on a carasel. Life can truly be grand sometimes. 


Went to the Chriskindlmarket with my friend to get me in the holiday spirit. 


Then right after I randomly hopped on the Holiday Train and it was perfect! Ahh I miss Christmas season. 

Did my first stint as a temporary foster parent and Yam was a handful. She’s very lucky to have made it the entire 2 ½ weeks. 


For Christmas Eve, it was only my sister and I so we had dinner at …. 


Afterwards since we were downtown we decided to have a staycastion and spent the night at the Godfrey hotel. It was fancy but stiff beds. 



I finally got the chance to check out one of the many museums in Chicago, the Museum of science. 

 I got all dressed up to go out for NYE, only for me to realize I didn’t feel like traveling in the cold and much rather watch 90 day fiancé. It was the best decision!!