Come Into My World!



Photo Courtesy: YouTube

Photo Courtesy: YouTube

I created Pierre into my Life when I drunkenly went on Facebook and declared the warm months would be considered the #SummerOfBrittny. #SummerOfBrittny would be where I focused on myself, learning to love who I am, doing the things I love, and of course, dating lots of boys.  Eventually it caught on to my friends and even some lovely strangers who loved the hashtag. I was constantly being asked to give updates on what was happening during #SummerOfBrittny, where was I traveling? Did I have any funny dating stories? etc. That's when I began to brainstorm on creating a platform around my life and the things I love, including pop culture, music, fashion and travel. 

I hope my readers join me on this journey to explore all things #Brittny, I promise to entertain with my wanderlust, several funny antidotes, relationship woes (trust me, there are a lot) and many more. 

I'm excited to see where this takes us!