Inside My Launch Party

On Friday, August 11th, I gathered with some of my closest friends and family at Nail Mimi to celebrate the launch of my site. 


While munching on wine and cheese, my guests were able to mingle and catch up with old friends, read some of my favorite articles I've written for numerous publications and write some interesting facts to help me write my "About Me". 


Over all It was a great turnout where I was able to celebrate my new accomplishment with some of my favorite people. 


Special thanks to Mimi Ervin who allowed me to use her show for the party and provided us with amazing fondue. If you're in the Cleveland, OH area, please check out Nail Mimi in Cleveland Heights for fabulous nail art. 

Come Into My World!



Photo Courtesy: YouTube

Photo Courtesy: YouTube

I created Pierre into my Life when I drunkenly went on Facebook and declared the warm months would be considered the #SummerOfBrittny. #SummerOfBrittny would be where I focused on myself, learning to love who I am, doing the things I love, and of course, dating lots of boys.  Eventually it caught on to my friends and even some lovely strangers who loved the hashtag. I was constantly being asked to give updates on what was happening during #SummerOfBrittny, where was I traveling? Did I have any funny dating stories? etc. That's when I began to brainstorm on creating a platform around my life and the things I love, including pop culture, music, fashion and travel. 

I hope my readers join me on this journey to explore all things #Brittny, I promise to entertain with my wanderlust, several funny antidotes, relationship woes (trust me, there are a lot) and many more. 

I'm excited to see where this takes us!