#SummerofBrittny | August

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It's officially fall but I haven't concluded #SummerofBrittny. This has been the first time I'm truly heartbroken that the seasons are changing because it ones of the best summers of my life. It was a summer of endless adventures, meeting new friends, creating memories with friends and family-- most of which I will never forget. 

Here's the last run down of #SummerofBrittny 

I went to the Bachelor audition that were held in Cleveland. My boss is a super fan and convinced me to try out. I personally believe I would have been an amazing addition to the show but during the audition, the producer I had my interview with was such a dull and that turned my energy down which probably made the casting directors believe I wasn't a great fit. Too bad, they missed out on a great gem. I mean, I just had dongs all over the world! How many contestants can say that? 

I totally lied about my weight. There was no way they were going to get the real digits for that. 

I totally lied about my weight. There was no way they were going to get the real digits for that. 

I finally tried the famous Sokolowski for the first time since I've moved here. It was AH MAZE ZING, but I needed to be rolled out of the restaurant because I was so stuffed. 


Attended a Tribe game against the Yanks. I of course rooted for MY home team, the New York Yankees and wore my Aaron Judge jersey. Although the Yankees lost the first game of the series, I had an amazing time with my friend Sarah. 


I launched this wonderful place, Pierre into My Life that has done incredibly well and brought so much joy into my life. I never thought so many people would enjoy this little safe space where I could write my thoughts, but I am thankful for those riding with me on this journey. 


Danced and sang my little heart out at the Coldplay concert with my friend Joseph. My first time seeing them live and they have easily become a top 5 best show I have ever seen. Joseph and his brother, John, came from Columbus to have a weekend with me. #Blessed. 

I stumbled upon Green Day having an altercation with a Browns fan on my way home. I walked into it shortly after it all started and I had headphones on so I missed what created the issues. All I know is the Browns fan told Green Day to get out of his city. What has Green Day ever done to Cleveland? 

Attended She in the CLE's 2nd Anniversary and met other amazing Cleveland bloggers at the shindig. (My Jay Z piece was published on She in the CLE this month as well.) It was such a nice mixer to help celebrate an amazing platform for women. From left to right, me, Kate of Greatest Escapist, Brittney of According to Brittney, and Katie of Soul Connect Tribe. 


I also lost 15 lbs this summer. Finally shedding some of the Midwest weight I've gained since moving out here. I was super proud of myself for the pounds I have lost and now I'm trying to gain a little more muscle for the winter. 


Welp, it's time to say goodbye to the eventful #SummerofBrittny. Pour one out for the end of a great summer. 


Issa Summer Vibe | Summer Playlist '17

Photo Courtesy: The Odyssey Online

Photo Courtesy: The Odyssey Online

You can’t have #SummerOfBrittny without a killer playlist to be the soundtrack of your life. Here are some tracks I had on heavy rotation during the summer.

Boys | Charli XCX

I was busy dreaming about boys

Unforgettable | French Montana feat. Swae Lee

French Montana recruits Rae Sremmurd’s Swea Lee for his biggest single that definitely gives you the island feel.

Wild Thoughts | DJ Khaled feat. Rihanna and Bryson Tiller

There’s no need for a description, just watch Rihanna do her thing in the music video.

Slide | Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris finally proves to listeners he’s more than a recycled formula EDM DJ to a producer who can create a hit in any genre.

Young, Dumb & Broke REMIX | Khalid feat. Rae Sremmurd and Lil Yachty

Yeah, we’re just young, dumb and broke, but we still got love to give

2 Good 2 Be True | Nite Jewel

Nite Jewel’s “2 Good 2 Be True” is an ultra laid back, synth-heavy that mixes R&B and indie dance.

DNA. | Kendrick Lamar

I got, I got, I got, I got loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA.

Drew Barrymore | SZA

Do you really wanna love me down like you say you do?


Neon Lights | Taylor Bennett

Chance the Rapper’s little brother steps out of his shadow to give you a fun catchy bop that very reminiscing of Chance’s earlier work Acid Rap.

Summer Bummer | Lana Del Rey feat. A$AP Rocky

Don’t be a bummer, babe.

Chanel | Frank Ocean

2016 burnt some discs, 2017 ideas playing off a Walkman


If you haven’t listened to Brockhampton, do it now!

Good Drank | 2 Chainz feat Gucci Mane

The only guy who has never disappointed me is 2 Chainz.

New Rules | Dua Lipa

Rules to live by: One, don’t pick up the phone, you know he’s only calling ‘cause he’s drunk and alone. Two, don’t let him in, you have to kick him to again. Three, don’t be his friend, you know you’re gonna wake up in his bed in the morning. And ain't getting over him.

Crew REMIX | GoldLink

DMV's GoldLink creates the quintessential chill out summer vibe track with "Crew".  

SHC | Foster the People

Foster the People returns to their fun rock/pop sound with haunting lyrics that makes you feel weird dancing along to. But that’s the fun part of listening to Foster the People.

Naughty Ride | WizKid

WizKid’s “Naughty Ride” is a seductive island track with hypnotic clapping precussions that will encourage you to find the nearest hottie to dance on.

Where This Flower Blooms | Tyler, the Creator feat. Frank Ocean

I rock, I roll, I bloom, I glow.

Swish Swish | Katy Perry feat. Nick Minaj

I love a good pop diva feud. Katy Perry didn’t hold back with her revenge track against Taylor Swift. Katy called T.Swift calculated (eek) and an old coupon expired (whatever that means.). Plus the lyric video has meme queen Gretchen. 


You can listen to the entire playlist on Spotify.