I Had A Twitter Beef With Some D-List Actor


Michael Rapaport who has made a career off of Black Culture, decided Sunday was a good day to not only slander one of our most important pop stars, but attack every Black female in his mentions. 

But I'm sure your most important question after entering this post is "Who is Michael Rapaport?". Just know that he's irrelevant. 

If you haven’t realized by now, I am a Janet Jackson stan (stan means beyond a fanatic, borderline crazy.) I was enjoying my Sunday of preparing myself for the atrocity that would be Justin Timberlake’s Halftime performance. He gave a bland 30 minutes show on the biggest stage for Middle America. He played some of his hits, he wore ugly fashion, and he was safe! People who enjoy boring entertainment loved it, so maybe Justin won at the end of the day. 

As I’m scrolling through my Twitter feed to discuss what I had just witnessed, I see Michael Rapaport on my feed attacking Janet Jackson.


I was not here for this slander and here’s why:

In the 2000’s, after Janet’s Super Bowl debacle the NFL had every old white band and solo artist perform. And we understood why they decided to go that route after the controversy of Nipplegate. Never did anyone question the current relevancy of The Who, The Rolling Stones, or Paul McCartney, instead we were reminded how they are legends who will perform hits that defined an era (even though I barely can name a song from The Who outside of a CSI theme song.) But when it comes to a Black Artist, a female pop star, whose career was tarnished from backlashed, we are supposed to question her relevancy when she could hold a candle with Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, U2, and who can for sure give a killer show and performance, much better than The Who. 

Of course, I couldn’t hold my thoughts and decided to tweet Michael Rapaport a few times to let him know how I feel. 


This grown ass man has to resort to insulting every black woman's appearance, from Janet, to me, to any female that responded to him. I didn’t feel any type of way because personally, I love my profile pic, how I look, and know if I were in a club, Michael Rapaport would hit on me, so I knew his slander was a reach.  

I will never understand celebrities who just do not know how to market themselves on social media.

But this response was hilarious 


And if you need further proof Michael Rapaport is trash and clinging onto any opportunity to be talked about. Here's his recent pinned Tweet.