10 Tracks Beyoncé Told Us Jay Z Was Trifling


Many music fans were shocked when they listened to Beyoncé’s Lemonade album as she shared her marital problems with her husband Jay Z throughout the album.  The entire album allowed us to see all the hardship of what looked like the perfect celebrity couple had gone through throughout the years, including infidelity from Jay. Then Jay released an apology album with 4:44, but the damage was done. The Beyhive could not forgive Jay Z for all the things he put Beyoncé through. 

However, Bey has been telling us for years that Jay Z ain’t shit through her music. Every single album prior to Lemonade had a song to remind us that he was and continues to be trash. Let’s look back at some of Bey’s songs that showed us there were cracks in the foundation. 

Green Light

“Green Light” is infused with DC’s native music Go-Go, with funk and attitude.

“You got the green light, you the king, right? You’re holding up traffic, green means go.” Bey was fed up. She was giving him directions from the red light, green light, 1,2,3 to walk out of her life.

Why Don’t You Love Me?

The 60’s shaking vibe track from I am…Sasha Fierce is making it know that all that she has done in their relationship has gone unnoticed and she’s questioning if Jay even loves her. Jay, what is you doing? You’re so lucky Beyonce is extremely loyal ‘cause it couldn’t be me.

Love On Top

With the throwback melody and catchy lyrics, you may not realize how incredibly sad the song actually is. "Finally you put my love on top," Bey sings through all her tears and pain, but now Jay has decided to put their relationship as a top priority. I'm sorry, what? After all the years together, after 10 years, Jay has decided "oh yeah, maybe I should put my wife first." 

Me, Myself, and I

"I can't believe I believed everything we had would last. So young and naive for me, to think she was from your past." Miss Sasha Fierce was 18 year she began dating Hov, and was more than naive about the lies Jay told her which is usual. Towards the end of the song, Beyonce sings she's over being mistreated and will become her own best friend. 

Kitty Kat

Produced by The Neptunes, this mid-tempo deep cut "Kitty Kat" express that Beyonce is fed up with Jay no longer paying her attention and constantly staying out late. Mrs. Carter was ready to ban him from having sex with her. I guess it worked and helped him straighten up...temporarily. 


“Just can’t seem to get over the way you hurt me. Don’t know how you gave another who didn’t mean a thing, the very thing you gave to me” This R&B ballad shows the aftermath when Beyoncé finds out that Jay cheats on her (allegedly). “Resentment” shows how much a woman loves a man, but disappointed by his actions and has trouble moving on. 

If I Were a Boy 

Knowles-Carter third solo album, I Am…Sasha Fierce opens with a power ballad, “If I Were a Boy” where she explores the double standards society has on men and women. She explores what life would be if she could be a boy, as she explains she’s being taken for granted in her relationship. 

I Care

“I Care” is one of the rawest Bey’s vocals on a song at the time. It’s was not just a song, but a track where we could hear and feel Beyoncé’s emotions. During a special listening session with fans, Beysus admits she was on the verge of tears while recording “I Care.” The songstress tells her partner how she feels about their relationship; however, he ignores her pleas. 

No Angel

The #5 track off the surprise self-titled album, demonstrates how she still loves her man even though he’s not perfect and still makes many mistakes, but can’t leave. “Who doesn’t notice when you late or when you’re lying, I love you even more than who I thought you were before.” Two albums after B’Day and Hov is still staying out late and lying?! GIRL! 


“I wish that you were me so you could feel this feeling. I never broke one promise and I know when you're not honest. Now you got me yelling, that’s because I’m jealous. Girl, you’re not jealous, you’re sick and tired of still dealing with the same BS after all those years together. 

Now the two have completed rebuilding their relationship trilogy albums, (Lemonade, 4:44, EVERYTHING IS LOVE), it seems they're on the path of becoming a better couple for one another. I truly hope they make it work after we all have been brought along to be emotionally invested on this rollercoaster.