We Need To Talk About Barbie's Vlog


After a night of insomnia, I went down a terrible rabbit hole of Barbie’s Vlog on YouTube. A tweet led me to the page and I just could not stop watching her videos. When I clicked on the tweet, I thought it would be a silly video but instead of Barbie got personal with her followers and I became very emotional. 

Here’s Barbie discussing the importance of listening to other people’s expressing their feelings and how we must acknowledge them, even if our intentions were in a good place. 

Another where she’s basically shares about being sad/depressed.

And how we use the phrase “I’m sorry” way too often.

Forget about Logan Paul and Lil Tay, Barbie is doing the real work on YouTube and need to support it. 

There’s so much ridiculousness on Youtube, especially since young kids seem to spend the majority of their free time on the site watching mindless videos, it’s great to see Barbie is using its platform to speak on real issues, educate its followers on other cultures and of course, makeup tutuorial. Some of the lessons are not just for young girls, but a lot of adults can learn how to stop using “I’m sorry” or how to acknowledge one’s feelings when you might have to admit you may be in the wrong. 

Bravo to Barbie! 


I’m going to go cry over the depression video