#InMyFeelingsChallenge is Over for Two Reasons


It's been exactly two weeks since Drake dropped his highly anticipated fifth album, Scorpion. Since its release, the album has sold 732,000 units earned in the week ending July 5 — the largest week for an album in 2018. Scorpion is a full album, meaning it has 25 tracks. Anyone who was able to listen to the entire album is better than me because I couldn't listen to it in one sitting. However, Drake always provides the culture with at least 5-8 fire songs that provide the vibe for the season, and this album was so different. 

One of the standout tracks, "In My Feelings" quickly turned into a dance challenged before the weekend was even over. Comedian The Shaggy Show posted on his Instagram of himself dancing to the song and captioned it with #DoTheShiggy. Shortly after, fine ass Odell Beckham Jr posted a video of himself doing his version of #DoTheShiggy and by Sunday it became a dance challenge. 

The challenge helped increased the song's streaming sells and dance craze generated over 7 million tweets.

By Wednesday, Twitter was sick of hearing "Kiki, do you love me?" 

Here's why the challenge is officially over: 
1. Will Smith dropped his version and it was out of this world. No one will ever top the Fresh Prince. 

2. Ryan Seacrest jumped in on it and we just want to know why? 

I guess we have another song of the summer!