The Best Moments of the Golden Globes


Last night brought the first major award show of the year and for award season. Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg were fun and quirky hosts for the evening. Christian Bale continues to be the drunk uncle who rambles when he has the floor and many of our faves won and so many left field films won major awards. 


Here are the best moments of the night 

The Fiji Water Girl who photobombed everyone’s photo and stole the show


When Sandra Oh called out Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone for white washing Asian roles and Emma Stone yells “I’m Sorry”.

Sandra Oh’s parents being extreme proud of her legendary win for Best Actress

When Greenbook kept winning awards and the Director mentioned Race emoji eye roll

Glenn Close’s emotional speech

For some reason everyone on my timeline just discovered Christian Bale is English

Maya Rudolph mocking the screenwriter who proposed to her his girlfriend at the Emmys

Lady Gaga weeping before they even finished announcing her name when she wins Best Original Song

William Dafoe was not here for free flu shots

Everyone was kind of confused with Bohemian Rhapsody and Green Book winning multiple awards

Christian Bale’s rambling