3 Tips for Living Your Best Life While Having Acne

Photo Courtesy: @SincerelyCass11

Photo Courtesy: @SincerelyCass11

Acne has been a major struggle for me since I was in the 5th grade. I have tried every medication, tested out different routines, etc and it can be very frustrating seeking clear skin. This summer and Pierre into My Life is a journey for not only myself but my readers to find ways to improve their lives with self-love and self-care. I was fortunate enough to speak with YouTube beauty guru Cassandra Bankson, who has been open with her issues with acne on her YouTube page. Cassandra is speaking with Pierre into My Life on the best ways to find beauty in yourself while you strive for clear skin.


Here are 3 Tips for Living Your Best Life While Having Acne

1.  Begin With Finding Examples of Appreciating Yourself  

“Often we talk to ourselves negatively and our internal dialogue is ‘oh my god I have so many pimples,’ or ‘oh my god I am so ugly.’ When you have those thoughts everyday it doesn’t set you up for success or even allow you to concentrate on the world around you. One of the most productive things that I have done was to find things about myself that I love and things about myself that I cherish. I accept and respect my body and skin. Self love can lead into a decrease in stress which actually can show a physical reduction in breakouts. So maybe it can be your eyes you could compliment, your height or something about your body or the way you dress. Or the fact you’re an eloquent speaker.

Start bringing yourself up instead of bringing yourself down. It’s hard but there are actually scientific facts neuroplasticity in the brain which is a big fancy word in psychology and medicine which means brain can rewire and itself. If you’re wired to think negatively, you can rewire to think positively which will definitely have an outcome on your stress and the positivity of your life.”


2. Cover Up Mirrors

“Tape up different mirrors. I would find that mirrors were really triggering to me because I would judge myself or I would find myself picking at my skin which was a nervous self-destructive habit. Especially when my acne was at its worst, if I just put papers on top of mirrors and it stopped myself from looking at them and put a positive affirmational on them, it helped me realize to not judge yourself. It’s okay to be you. This is only temporary and that mirror does not dictate your self worth. What you have to offer the world is more than just an image and that paper on the mirror represents that. That got me out of my own head and gave me the opportunity to think about how I can be a benefit to others or how I can do less damage to the world around me instead of having the world circulate around me and my insecurities.”


3. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

“Unfortunately girls are prone to comparison which is definitely difficult and I always found myself comparing myself to others whether it was my skin, my acne, or my body, or my hair type. I found celebrities that I looked up to who faced the same problems that I did. For instance I saw a Proactiv commercial with Katy Perry and I never knew Katy Perry dealt with acne and I respect her. So many celebrities that we idolize, that we deemed as perfect and then you realize, ‘oh my god, they’re humans too.’ The singer Lorde recently said 'stop photo shopping my acne it’s a part of me.' Seeing other people living by examples almost gives us permission to do the same as well. For me I found that extraordinarily helpful.”

One Major Pro Tip to Help With Clearing Your Skin:

“Education is key. Everyone’s skin is different, everyone’s acne is different.” 


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