The Ever Exhaustion That is Lena Dunham

Photo: Gillian Laub

Photo: Gillian Laub

Right after we shared what we were thankful for during the Thanksgiving holiday, The Cut decided to give us something no one had even asked for: A Lena Dunham profile. Since she blazed onto the scene after Tiny Furniture and snagging her own HBO show, Girls, we’ve been fortunate enough to have Lena Dunham apart of pop culture. Girls was supposed to be the millennials own Sex and the City, but instead many felt it isolated many minority groups and felt rich white kids’ problems more relatable content. It’s not like Sex and the City wasn’t too far from the criticism but Girls aired during the social media culture. Where everyone could be a critic, everyone has a voice, and everyone demands to hear their own story even if it’s not what major outlets wants.

Since Girls’ debut, Lena Dunham putting her foot into her own mouth. The Cut’s profile mapped out all of her mishaps starting from the first season of the all-white cast of Girls, she hired Donald Glover to play a Black Republican to Dunham admitting she disliked India because of its visible poverty.

Unlike certain celebrities who are shying away from interviews and curating planned out social media platforms to avoid controversy or share too much about their personal lives, Dunham is the complete opposite. She’s incredibly open! Not just on Instagram and Twitter, but she shares really unpleasant stories about herself and posts unflattering photos. That’s as authentic as you can get! And we’re always asking for our celebs to show who they really are but do we want THIS kind? This profile wasn’t any different. The author, Allison P. Davis opens the piece on how Dunham sent ten texts in a row shortly after their first meeting. All about her recent surgery and photos to go along with them. WHY?


She seems to be somewhat aware of how much flack she gets from social media for her antics. Dunham mentions how she wanted to adopt a black puppy and name it Rosa but “I’m worried people will get mad bc of Rosa Parks bc I have to consider those things,” she confessed. When I initially read it, I thought, girl stop being dramatic but the more I thought about it, social media is extremely dramatic and probably would take that reach with Dunham and accuse her of culture appreciation by proxy of a puppy.

Lena shared how after her pro-Hillary celebrity PSA spoof, “Sensual Pantsuit Anthem” was released, Dunham wondered “if I’m actually hurting her chances of winning?” I highly doubt Lena Dunham is the sole reason of Clinton not winning but that gives an insight into the narcissism trait that many people cannot get behind when it comes to the former Lenny Letter creator. Furthermore, Dunham shares how she canvassed with friends and invited Hillary Clinton but didn’t donate to her campaign because, “my job was to like, make noise, because frankly, Bernie was such a thing that I just felt like my voice as, like, a young hyper-liberal person was helpful.” Like, okay!

Her breakup with Jack Antonoff seems to pull a heartstring after six years of dating still. Lena shares a lot about Jack throughout the profile including this major eyeroll antidote:

“I texted Jack last week and said, ‘HOW DOES IT FEEL TO HAVE DATED SOMEONE EVERYBODY HATES?’ in all capitals. He wrote back, ‘They only hate you because they love you so much, true story.’ Which is like, What a sweetie. What a liar and a sweetie.” The major eye rolls didn’t stop there, here’s another one: Dunham starts squeezing blackheads on Irma the hairless cat’s chin. And this: He literally held my hand while I got an enema on New Year’s Eve while his family celebrated. Or how she shared a photo of her uterus with the author.


One particular moment finally shed light on a major heartfelt moment. Dunham shared the agony of seeing women celebrating pregnancy and the birth of a child when you know you may never get that experience yourself. Last year, Dunham had a hysterectomy and was perimenopause at 32, admitted that she mutes posts on social media and has a hard time watching friends, “It’s always like a little catch in the throat when I think about it. It’s all those things like new-baby smell, and breastfeeding, and looking at a baby that you know looks like you.” Dunham said, “When I just figured out you could mute Instagram stories, it was such a fucking blessing.” Whether we can relate to Lena of not being able to have children of our own or can’t handle certain situations flowing through our social media timelines, we are all blessed for having a mute button on every social media platform.

Finally, my favorite line out of the article was from model Hari Nef who commented on Lena’s unable to keep her mouth shut and defended writer and execute producer of Girls, Murray Miller

Who was accused of raping a 17-year-old model in 2012 during the #MeToo movement. Nef simply said, “That was a ‘Girl, what the fuck’ moment for me.”

Because honestly, when isn’t there a moment for Lena where we don’t say aloud, “Girl, what the fuck” at her ever exhausting antics.

Sidenote: I need intense self-care after reading The Cut’s profile. Please do yourself a favor and be in the same boat and read it here.